About Us

BrAPP (British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1957 by a group of medically qualified doctors who worked for the pharmaceutical industry. In 1957 the role of the pharmaceutical physician (PP) was a very new one and BrAPP was the means by which they could meet, exchange views and new medical information much as doctors working in other medical specialties have always done.


Over the 60 years of its existence BrAPP has published a journal, 4-6 times a year, which is available to all members or via subscription to non-members, run regular professional meetings, training days and residential workshops on specific topics in pharmaceutical members.

It also collaborates with Cardiff University to deliver the oldest Post Graduate course in pharmaceutical medicine. In the mid-80s BrAPP was instrumental in the development of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine working with the joint Royal Colleges of Physicians to begin to establish the recognised medical specialty of pharmaceutical medicine.


The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine formed in 1989 is now a stand-alone charity. Pharmaceutical Medicine became a recognised specialty in 1992. Its remit is the establishment and maintenance of the standards of the specialty. Our members have to be members of the FPM to complete their professional training and we are therefore in direct competition with the FPM for members’ money!


BrAPP has continued to prosper as the professional association for those medically qualified doctors working in, for and on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is the individual member throughout their careers as pharmaceutical physicians. Membership is entirely voluntary. It is therefore vital that we are perceived to offer services and benefits to members primarily but also to those doctors who aspire to join industry and want guidance and reassurance.

About BrAPP

Drs David Blowers, Jane Barrett, Rob Barden and Faisal Mehmud at Education Day 2017